What is Pronto Concepts?

The team hard at work

We are inventors and designers on a mission to make small changes to routines that improve lives in a big way. We believe there is always a better way to do things and sometimes it's just about having the right tools. We aim to bring to life new inventions because we are tired of only ever seeing slight improvements to existing products.

Right now we are developing products to help you enjoy wine and other beverages, but you can expect future concepts that aim to solve some of life's bigger problems. Don't just expect great products, expect great concepts.

Our Story


In 2013 Pronto Concepts founder and CEO Alexander Simone was drinking with a girl at his fraternity house. They wanted to drink a bottle of Chardonnay but had none in the refrigerator. He grabbed a pasta strainer, filled it with ice, sprinkled a generous amount of salt, and poured the wine through it. It was instantly cold! But unfortunately, watered down, salty, and absolutely disgusting! This incident exposed the problem and gave hope for a solution. The next day, he got to work on a prototype. When the prototype did not work, he shelved the idea for a while.

ProntoBev Wine Chiller 1st Prototype The first ProntoBev prototype


In March of 2015, Alexander picked up the project again. He built a tiny prototype that proved, in theory, a device could chill an entire bottle of wine in 30 seconds. That December, he presented an early version of the concept to an Entrepreneurial Marketing course as a final project.

Pronto Concepts Example Prototype Slide Presention by Alexander Simone A slide from Alexander's class project


He then spent months of trial and error until building a prototype that finally worked. He put together the Pronto Concepts team to help improve upon the concept and design. Thirteen prototypes later they had a finished product that looked great and could chill a bottle of wine in less 30 seconds.

ProntoBev 30 Second Wine Chiller

Shortly there after provisional patents were filed in December of 2016 and then began the plan to prep the product for launch and get it funded.

2017 Indiegogo Campaign

In March 2017 a successful Indiegogo Campaign was launched which got funded over 216% in September 2017 with over $60,000 from eager backers.

November 12th 2017 We Air on Shark Tank!

Alexander Simone stands with Lori Greiner and Kevin O'Leary on Shark Tank

After getting to pitch on the hit reality show Shark Tank, the ProntoBev gets an airing slot on ABC for the first time. Watch the show and see if we will sink or swim!

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