ProntoBev 30-Second Wine Chiller

The 30-Second Wine Chiller

Enjoy wine at the ideal temperature with a sleek, ergonomic, and economic modern wine chiller made to help cool your best bottle of wine in about 30 seconds.

ProntoBev uses patent pending technology to chill an entire bottle of wine to a specific temperature in just 30 seconds. Whether you forgot to chill that special bottle, just got a new one, or prefer wine at its intended temperature, ProntoBev is here.

Chill Instantly

The average bottle drops
20°F (11°C) in just 30 seconds.

Chill Accurately

Control the unique temperature
for your unique wine.

Chill Everything

Coffee, tea, liquor, juice,
water, or just about anything!

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How it works

Store it in the Freezer.

Pour in your favorite bottle of wine.

Pour it back chilled in just 30 seconds!

Engineered from the ground up with quality in mind.

Made with dishwasher safe
and BPA-free materials

Walls embedded with
our trade secret ProntoGel

Wine-grade stainless steel
interior construction

For those special nights

You picked up roses and perfected chicken cacciatore... but you forgot to refrigerate wine before work! ProntoBev saves your Sauvignon in just 30 seconds.

New bottle? No problem

Your dinner guests picked up a bottle on the way, but it feels a little warm. ProntoBev lets you share Chardonay immediately!

Sustainably smart

You want to select from your collection and enjoy immediately without spending hundreds powering a wine refrigerator. Enjoy more Moscato on your terms.

Taste the difference

Sommeliers agree: different wine varieties require different temperatures to fully unlock their flavor. Some whites should be as cold as 40°F/4°C and reds 50°F/10°C. Drink the perfect Pinot.