Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean ProntoBev?

A: ProntoBev is dishwasher safe!

Q: Will the materials affect the taste or quality of my wine?

A: ProntoBev is designed with wine-grade stainless steel. This is the same material used in the winemaking process. Your wine has likely already been exposed to it. It is very safe for wine.

Q: Will quickly chilling wine affect the taste or quality?

A: In blind taste tests, users were not able to tell the difference between ProntoBev chilled wine and ice bucket chilled wine of the same temperature.

Q: Can it chill all beverages?

A: It can chill all beverages, but some carbonated beverages will fizz once poured in just like with any rapid chilling method (even ice).

Q: How big is ProntoBev?

A: 2.5in x 7in x 11in

Q: How many bottles can ProntoBev chill?

A: ProntoBev can chill about 2-3 bottles of wine at once. After the first bottle it may take slightly longer than 30-seconds to chill additional ones.

Q: Can I take it out of the house?

A: ProntoBev will take longer to cool the longer it is out of the freezer. We recommend you try to use it within a few hours after removal.

Q: Can I serve out of ProntoBev?

A: Most alcoholic drinks have a perfect serving temperature where the flavours are most prominent. Once they get colder than this temperature, the flavour stars to dissipate. For wine, this could really hurt the taste, but for harsher drinks like vodka, many people prefer it to lose its flavor. Pouring the beverage right back into the bottle is the best way to ensure it maintains flavor.